A Guide to Phillip Island and the Phillip Island SuperSprint

V8 SUpercars Phillip Island
The world famous Phillip Island circuit. Photo: Rhys Vandersyde

Described as the “little island with a big reputation”, Phillip Island’s world famous Grand Prix circuit plays host to the third round of the V8 Supercars Championship. Home to rounds of both the MotoGP and the World Superbike Championships as well, the track is one of the favourites amongst V8 Supercars drivers (behind Mt Panorama) with its fast and flowing layout.

Where is the Philip Island SuperSprint held?

The Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit is located on the southern beaches of the island. The island itself is a two-hour drive south of Melbourne (three-hours in traffic) just off the Victorian coast Bass Strait. As well as high octane motorsports, with its stunning natural beauty, Phillip Island offers a wide array of wildlife experiences, a diverse coastline, family attractions and a range of events.

V8 Supercars Phillip Island
V8 Supercars Phillip Island – Photo: Rhys Vandersyde

Where To Stay?

Staying on Phillip Island is the best option for attending the V8 Supercars event. Being a holiday location throughout the year, there is plenty of accommodation options, particularly holiday houses, all over the island. The town of Cowes offers the most in terms of facilities on the island. But the whole island is not that big and easily accessible with a car.

However, if the island is booked out, the town of San Remo on the mainland does offer some accommodation within a short drive of the circuit. The further away from the island you get the more likely you’ll have to deal with traffic getting to and from the track.

Getting To The Island From The Airport

While Phillip Island is a key tourist attraction year round, it’s not easily accessible via public transport. However the island is frequented by coaches and tour buses, but that does limit your options for staying on the island and getting to and from the track.

My recommendation is to rent a car. It’s about a two and half hour drive from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport to Phillip Island. Check out the VisitPhillipIsland.com website for more information about getting to and from the island.

Getting To and From the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit?

Again transport options on the island are limited. Having a car is almost essential for getting around. There are some bus companies that offer tours around the island, but none service the race track. That said, the track offers plenty of parking with the option to drive around to the different spectator areas around the circuit.

Best Viewing Options at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

One of the best parts of the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is the fantastic viewing options it has. Turn 1 (or Doohan Corner) is a great place to start, to see the cars not only flying through one of the fastest corners in Australia, but also offers views of Honda (the Turn 6 hairpin) as well.

The outside of Turn 2 or the Southern Loop is one of the key passing opportunities on the track, but also offers some great views of the stunning Phillip Island coast line as well, making for some interesting photo opportunities.

Turn 6 or Siberia (on the outside of the track) is another great spot to watch the action, with views from Honda all the way through to Lukey Heights. There is plenty of action through this section of the track something the V8 Supercars highlights packages will attest to.

Turn 9 and 10 (Lukey Heights) is another place to watch the action. With big elevation changes, heavy braking and the last passing opportunity on a lap of the track. There is always action through this part of the track.

V8 Supercars Phillip Island
V8 Supercars Phillip Island – Photo: Rhys Vandersyde

What To Do In The Evenings?

Cowes has the most to offer in terms of nightlife on Phillip Island. There are several restaurants and pubs along the main road and along the waterfront in Cowes. However, for something unique to Phillip Island, you need to visit Pino’s. Pino’s is a fantastic Italian restaurant with an impressive collection of MotoGP memorabilia.

Spending Time In Phillip Island Before or After?

Other than its race track, Phillip Island is best known for its beaches and the Penguin Parade. It’s well worth taking some time to explore the scenic side of the island before making the trip back to Melbourne. For more information on some of the great things to do on Phillip Island head to the Phillip Island Tourism website

For more information about the V8 Supercars at Phillip Island including maps and where to buy tickets head over to the V8 Supercars website

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