GRM Volvo S60 V8 Supercar Takes Shape

GRM-Volvo-S60-V8-Supercar chassis

Ahead of its switch from Holden to Volvo in 2014, Garry Rogers Motorsport has released images of its first S60 V8 Supercar chassis.

The images show the control specification chassis being built at the team’s Melbourne workshop with mounting of the S60 panels due shortly.

Development of Volvo’s B8444S engine is being carried out by Polestar, Volvo’s official performance arm, and is expected to arrive from Sweden in the new year.

Team Manager Garry Rogers anticipates the team will commence aerodynamic testing in preparation for the V8 Supercars homologation process by the end of the year.

When you look at these photos you may not get quite as excited as myself and the team and we certainly do not want to get ahead of ourselves but today is the 18th of September and we are in the process of putting our first S60 Volvo Supercar together.

All our activities are going along well and we realise that occasionally there will be some matters that we will have to deal with and these will crop up from time to time but I am extremely confident that we should have a car completed for aero testing and homologation for the end of the year.

It is important to remember that during the course of all this activity we have still been competing with our Holdens with quite worthwhile results.