Getting Shifty For The Fifty

Lockwood Racing is gearing up for Bathurst’s ’50th Anniversary’ celebration this weekend, determined to put in a strong performance following a disappointing result at Sandown.

Car set-up and team strategy got Fabian Coulthard and Endurance Co-Driver David Besnard into the top ten for Sandown’s initial qualifying, but rough racing hampered results.

This weekend is the first time the pair will team up at Mount Panorama and Besnard is no stranger to standing on Bathurst’s podium, finishing second in 2007 and leading the ‘Great Race’ on several occasions over the last decade.

Coulthard is a definite contender and is well overdue for a podium this year. He is now hoping for a trouble-free run at The Mountain to allow Lockwood Racing to shine through.
The pair will be on track from 10.40am this Thursday (October 4).

Fabian Coulthard
Lockwood Racing

“I’ve got a good feeling about this weekend. We just need to make sure we don’t lose our own thought process by worrying too much about what other people are doing.

“Obviously the team with the best strategy will make it through the entire 161-marathon, and our team is set to be one of them.”

David Besnard
Lockwood Racing Co-Driver

“To race at Bathurst is always a huge thrill. Our chief engineer Phil Keed will have this weekend’s strategy planned right down to a tee because Bathurst bites and even fuel stop strategy could determine the winner.

“Fabian is very fast around here. If we have an incident-free run, the last 30-laps will show that we can win this.”