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Inside V8 Supercars is your guide to everything you need to know about the current V8 Supercars Championship.

We’ve pulled together what we consider to be our essential articles and pages and created an at-a-glance resource for you to learn more about, and gain a behind-the-scenes look in to the world of V8 Supercars. Here you’ll find topics relating to the V8 Supercar platform, formats and regulations all in one place for your easy reference.

The V8 Supercar

Holden Racing TeamIn 2013 the new ‘Car of the Future’ (CoTF) specification V8 Supercar made its debut. Three years of planning, development and homologation went into the new platform to ensure the sport’s future success and open up the category to new manufacturers…

Find out more about the blueprint for the New Generation V8 Supercars

Technical Specifications

Car of the Future rollcageThe New Generation V8 Supercar has been designed and built to the meet the CoTF specifications. These include a standardised chassis and rollcage, a new transaxle, relocated engine and fuel cell, 18-inch wheel, and the introduction of independent rear suspension… Read our guide to the V8 Supercar technical specifications.

Regulations and Race Formats

V8 Supercars new race formats get underway with the Clipsal 500 in AdelaideAfter moving to a simpler race structure in 2014, this season sees more soft tyres and a single race format on Saturday’s SuperSprint events with a compulsory stop bringing strategy back into the first day of racing…Read More

Tyre Compounds

2013 V8 Supercars Tyre CompoundEach year the tyre regulations are reviewed and for 2016, the V8 Supercars Commission has significantly increased the tyre allocation to coincide with a change in ratio of soft tyre to hard tyre events…Read More

Inside V8 Supercars

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